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League Realignment and New Divisions

By Commissioner On Sunday 19th June 2022 / 4:51pm

League realignment, based on the order of finish from the 2021/22 season, is now complete. The divisions have been renamed after some beauties from Canadian teams during the 1983/84 season.

If you want to set up a rivalry with another team, post it in the Rivalries section of the Slag Heap.  Both teams have to agree and you can go as high as '5' - tear each other apart level.


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2022/23 Ratings Now Published

By Commissioner On Tuesday 14th June 2022 / 12:55am

The site has been updated with the new ratings.  Please check your prospects list for any players that might not have been updated or should have numbers and post in the appropriate section of the Slag Heap.

An adjusted Overall Formula has been created to help some of you get past the OV number you like to complain about.  Remember, OV means NOTHING in the sim.  I can tweak the formula anyway we want and the OV numbers will change.  See the Slag Heap for the OV formula now being used.


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Your 2021/22 RWHA League Champions - the Ulanbator Mongoloids!

By Commissioner On Sunday 12th June 2022 / 9:42pm

Please join me in congratulating Todd Clarkson in playing a hunch and going the distance with a dead goaltender in Ben Bishop. In between managing two jobs, one as a looper on the PGA\Kornhole Tour and two, as a world-renowned fluffer for Raging Stallion Studios and French Twinks, 'Felchy' Clarkson has shown that dedication and hard work are more than just a box of wet-wipes at the end of a long day.

All the Best Maxx!

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2022/23 Entry Draft Results

By Commissioner On Sunday 12th June 2022 / 4:16pm

For the 3rd year in a row, the Hockey Gods have seen fit to screw Tim out of the 1st overall pick.  Conference and Cup Finalists ranked according to finish.

The Computer Gods have spoken and the order of this year's upcoming RWHA Entry Draft is as follows:

  1. Tirana
  2. Warsaw
  3. Kiev
  4. Malmo
  5. Wuhan
  6. Gdansk
  7. Prypyat
  8. Lhasa
  9. Mull
  10. Belfast
  11. Athens
  12. Clapham
  13. Glasgow
  14. Schleswig
  15. Aberdeen
  16. Funkytown
  17. Lisbon
  18. Rivne
  19. Ulster
  20. Inverness
  21. Aachen
  22. Ulanbator

Time and date of the 2022 Entry Draft TBD.


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RWHA Finals 2021/22 - National on 10th

By Commissioner On Saturday 11th June 2022 / 8:05pm


I have secured the private dining room at the National on 10th Ave SW for the Bohemian Cup finals tomorrow at 11:00am.

Join us as we'll see if Crabface Tinklenuts can finish off a great season with a Cup victory or if Felchy Clarkson and his ragtag bunch of Shit-slot-Cosmonauts throw a wrench into his plans.  Let's not forget about Malibu Barbie and his attempt to get by El Burrito Peligroso for a repeat trip the the finals and RWHA Glory Hole.

We will be holding the 2022/23 Entry Draft lottery immediately upon crowning a new league champion.

Note that we are meeting at National on 10th - not 17th.  Our old Gentlemen's Club is being torn down.


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PhantomsTrade ArrowOilersMatthew Knies (P), Y:2023-RND:3-LIS.
OilersTrade ArrowPhantomsElvis Merzlikins (76).
FlyersTrade ArrowTrash PandasMatthew Robertson (66), Y:2022-RND:4-KIE.
Trash PandasTrade ArrowFlyersAnders Lee (79).
FletushkasTrade ArrowTrash PandasBrett Harrison (P), Y:2022-RND:2-LIS.
Trash PandasTrade ArrowFletushkasJoe Pavelski (83).
PhantomsTrade ArrowTrash PandasScott Laughton (78), Y:2022-RND:4-LIS.
Trash PandasTrade ArrowPhantomsMike Smith (77), Brian Elliott (76).
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Star1David Perron (Mongoloids)
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Last Week 3 Star
1 - Maxx Bendover of Mongoloids (3-2-5)
2 - J.T. Miller of Mongoloids (2-3-5)
3 - Drake Batherson of Mongoloids (3-0-3)

Last Month 3 Star
1 - Semyon Varlamov of Aardwolves (0.944)
2 - Marc-Andre Fleury of Riots (0.943)
3 - Crabface Tinklenuts of Jets (3-16-19)
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Luke Schenn84 - 32
Nick Holden82 - 35
Jacob Middleton82 - 26
Dysin Mayo82 - 25
Josh Brown81 - 28
Jaycob Megna81 - 29
Nick Jensen80 - 31
Anton Stralman80 - 35
Mason Marchment80 - 27
Ilya Lyubushkin80 - 28
Matt Roy80 - 27
Michael McCarron79 - 27
Mark Kastelic79 - 23
Nicolas Meloche79 - 24
Anton Forsberg79 - 29
Anthony Stolarz79 - 28
Ben Harpur78 - 27
Marco Scandella78 - 32
Jack McBain78 - 22
Riley Stillman78 - 24